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Specialist medical consultation

Panoramic X-ray
Management plan, quotation

Photo documentation, digital scanning 

19.990 Ft 

Delux powder descaling

Ultrasonic descaling, sandblasting, oral hygiene gift package

24.900 Ft

Hollywood smile in up to 7 days!

Our new generation IPS E-max shells are now available at introductory prices with a 10-year warranty.

from 165.000 Ft

Exosome anti-aging treatment

One treatment - instant lifting effect.

A unique serum with stem cells and growth factor!

From 65.000 Ft

French Lips

Natural, full lips

Express intervention, 15-20 minutes

Gift CHANEL lipstick

from 47.500

Vitamin NAD+ infusion

Your cells regenerate, your skin becomes radiant

Improves mood and increases energy levels

28.900 Ft

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Smile Design is the secret to perfect smile design! Try on your future smile, fall in love with it, make it come true!

A SmileDesign consultation is an innovative, personalised opportunity for our Patients to design the smile they want together, so you can see, try on and fall in love with your smile before you start treatment!

Thanks to this revolutionary development, you can change the shape, colour, size or regularity of your teeth, or any other aesthetic irregularities.

Be the sculptor of your own smile! With IPS E-max shells, it's art!

Change starts with a choice, take the first step towards a radiant smile! Want regular snow-white teeth without years of treatment? If so, the IPS E-max next generation shell is the best choice. They have exceptional translucency, are made of biocompatible material, give a natural look! 

Hollywood smile at an affordable price! 

We have taken root management to a higher level! A new dimension of root canal treatment with microscopic modern high technology!

The science of the future has arrived! More successful tooth extraction with microscopic technology at 25-30 times magnification. We've taken root canal treatment to a new level, offering up to lifelong solutions, more effective treatment, micron-accurate root canal filling.

With us there is hope for the hopeless!

Nobel Biocare Implant with unique international guarantee!

Thanks to their special design, Nobel implants function like the original tooth root, so you can feel like you have your lost tooth back. Thanks to the minimally invasive procedure, your healthy teeth remain intact, helping to preserve bone structure and the results can last a lifetime with proper aftercare and oral hygiene.

Spark - With align technology, we give you an ideal, regular smile without you noticing!

A revolutionary new treatment that delivers the same effect as a fixed device while remaining discreet, unobtrusive and comfortable. Millions of patients worldwide have been convinced by this procedure, which you now have the opportunity to experience at the Aestella Clinic. Thanks to its unique development, it is available to people of almost all ages

Cell therapy innovative EXOSOME anti-aging treatment!

  • stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • contains growth factor and stem cell
  • restores damaged tissue and skin cells
  • reduces pigment spots
  • instant lifting effect, smoothes wrinkles
Innovative EXOSOME anti-ageing treatment for cell therapy

Hyaluronic acid profile harmonisation

  • Natural active ingredient absorbed in 100%
  • express intervention, only 15-20 minutes needed
  • maximum hydration of the skin
  • deep wrinkles and grooves disappear
  • fresh, relaxed, youthful appearance
  • instantly visible results
Hyaluronic acid profile harmonisation

Botox treatment

  • smoothes wrinkles in a single treatment
  • prevents the development of new ones
  • removes crow's feet under the eyes
  • minimal pain, typical lunch time treatment, 10-15 min
Botox treatment

PRP - Therapy

  • stem cell stimulation for firm, plump, hydrated skin
  • stimulates cell differentiation
  • reduces dark circles under the eyes
  • adds volume and improves skin texture
PRP - Therapy

Babor facial treatment

  • serums of medical purity
  • ultrasonic drug delivery
  • special facial massage technique
  • immediate lifting effect
  • spectacular skin rejuvenation
  • eliminates mimic wrinkles and pigment spots
Babor facial treatment

NAD+ infusion

NAD+ infusion protects DNA from free radicals, promotes healthy brain function, slows down the ageing process, improves mood and boosts energy levels.

NAD+ infusion

Rebuild me please - Energy boost

Are you sleep deprived or tired? If you want to restore your balance, are preparing for an important event or are struggling with a stressful lifestyle, an energy boost infusion is the best choice.

Health me up - Immune boost

The immune boost provides the vitamins and minerals our body needs to function healthily. It helps and replenishes the immune system to keep it in top condition, strengthening the body's defences. Reduces fatigue and tiredness.

Health me up - Immune boost

Stress control - The elixir of mental balance!

Are you suffering from emotional and mental exhaustion? Do you often feel irritable, stressed or exhausted? Stress Control Infusion increases mental and physical performance, helps nerve cell regeneration, improves concentration, reduces stress, relieves lethargy and replenishes energy levels.