A Hollywood feel with Beyond Ultra

teeth whitening!

White shining teeth masterfully

Exploding brilliance, dazzling white teeth, irresistible smile guaranteed at Aestella Clinic!

Our smile is one of our greatest weapons, it determines our first impression, our image of ourselves, what’s more it reflects our personality. So nowadays, in-office teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures to make our teeth brilliantly white.

Thanks to innovative technology, we can get a long-lasting solution in the shortest possible time, with minimal sensitivity.

Our teeth are exposed to external impacts every day, so coffee, tea, wine, various foods and food stains or smoking can deposit on the surface of our teeth, resulting in a greyer-brownish shade. For this reason, in our clinic, BEYOND ULTRA teeth whitening is preceded by a thorough oral hygiene treatment that includes biofilm therapy, ultrasonic cleaning, followed by high-pressure fine-grained sandblasting, which in itself guarantees shades whiter teeth. If you want to add to the WOW effect, BEYOND ultra 3×15-minute teeth whitening can be achieved, because a clean and white smile is a symbol of beauty and health.

A smile is the most we can give!

In-office teeth whitening

Teeth whitening at home

ITop (individually trained oral prophylaxis) education

Hollywood smile with professional Beyond teeth whitening

Clinical research has proven that this procedure is the most modern, gentle to the enamel and therefore safe to use. Thanks to its special cold light it does not cause any sensitivity and extremely long lasting, spectacular results can be achieved with just one treatment!

The procedure takes only 3×15 minutes, the result is 5 to 7 shades whiter teeth!

The steps of in-office teeth whitening

Step 1

Consultation + Oral hygiene assessment

The first and most important step is a thorough oral examination and status recording. In all cases, the initial status is documented with a photograph and recorded with an intraoral scanner so that the process can be followed throughout.

Step 2

Biofilm therapy

The basis of teeth whitening is clean healthy gums and teeth, so in the second step we use a 3-in-1 method to remove biofilm, calculus, plaque under the gums and discolouration adhering to the tooth surface. Thanks to the airflow + perioflow + ultrasonic procedure, our teeth are now shades whiter.

Step 3

BEYOND Ultra teeth whitening

To protect your gums, a liquid protective layer is applied to the base of the teeth (papillae), Beyond Ultra whitener is then applied thinly to the surface of the teeth and illuminated with a special cold light that activates the gel, so it penetrates the inside of the teeth to work.

Step 4

Repeat 3×15 minutes

After 15 minutes, the special whitening gel penetrates the inside of the teeth where it starts to work actively. To make the treatment effective, it is applied for another 2×15 minutes and then washed thoroughly.

Step 5

At the end of the treatment, we give your teeth extra protection

At the end of the treatment, we carefully clean the teeth, remove the gum shield and apply a special sensitivity reducer.

Step 6


Aftercare at home is important for a long lasting result. After the whitening, the consumption of coloured foods, drinks should be strictly avoided for at least 1 week, and the use of a special whitening toothpaste is recommended for the next 7 days to enhance the effect.

Gentle whitening with the premium EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master

3 in 1 effect with the premium EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master. Painless tartar removal, tooth whitening sandblasting and polishing. 3 treatments for the price of 1 and all without pain! 

Air-flow treatment is gentle, removing stains without damaging the tooth enamel. In just 30 minutes your teeth will be white and shiny again.

For more information, click on Innovative Biofilm Therapy, or painless tartar removal!

White teeth in the comfort of your home with OPALESCENE GO!

Are you preparing for an exclusive occasion? Dream date ahead? Maybe that special day is coming in your life? OPALESCENE GO professional teeth whitening procedure is a fast and effective solution, if you want an instant confident smile. An extra special feature is that it is available in extra flavours!  Convenient to apply at home during your daily activities or while you sleep, the active ingredient works on the teeth for 6 to 8 hours until it achieves the desired effect.  

OPALESCENE GO contents; Customized splint for your teeth, customized flavour for your taste, 4pcs whitening ampoules to mix and match to your taste. 

All you have to do is to beautify yourself in the comfort of your home! 

The active substance works while you sleep peacefully.

ITop (individually trained oral prophylaxis) training – for long-term oral health

Our ITOP treatment is a form of personalised prevention to help prevent tooth decay, periodontal disease and reduce the recurrence of biofilm, tartar. The ITOP protocol is a unique educational method to teach our patients the correct brushing technique, little tricks to keep the oral cavity healthy in the long run.

The individually trained oral prophylaxis training course

We will thoroughly examine the oral cavity, familiarize the patient with the condition of his/her teeth

The patient is examined to determine the extent of plaque and tartar

We will show you the correct brushing and cleaning technique, even in hard to reach places

We show the patient the correct oral hygiene tools to try out

We provide personalised oral hygiene training

A small Curaprox oral hygiene kit will be given as a gift