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Alma Hybrid® laser

Alma Hybrid® Laser

ALMA HYBRID LASER is the absolute gold medal skin resurfacing treatment!


  • lunch elderly intervention, immediate visible results
  • 3 technologies in a single treatment
  • removes pigment spots
  • fades wrinkles
  • renews the skin's surface
  • completely painless

Alma Hybrid Laser treatment price:

  • 199.990 Ft

Price of 3 suitable packages:

  • 549.900 Ft

From Alma Hybrid® LASER is the first cosmetic device to combine 3 revolutionary treatments; the CO2 laser, the 1570 nm laser and IMPACT patented ultrasound, thanks to its unique technology. Innovative breakthrough system guarantees skin rejuvenation, collagen stimulation, pigment spot reduction, pore removal and wrinkle reduction in a single treatment with minimally invasive treatment. A typical lunchtime procedure, the treatment is highly customisable, with a short recovery time to achieve long-lasting results for a renewed skin surface.

From Alma Hybrid® LASER offers a number of unlimited possibilities for skin resurfacing compared to fractional lasers used in the past. The treatment is tailored to individual needs and skin type to enhance maximum results. The HibridOscar combines CO2 and 1570nm laser energy to create a tiny microscopic wound on the skin, while the Erbium-Glass heat effect increases collagen and elastic fibre production, triggering healing and new skin resurfacing. As a finishing touch, Impact's patented ultrasound delivers valuable active ingredients to the dermis layer through channels created by the CO2 laser, which replenish and hydrate the skin from within.

A spectacular skin rejuvenation procedure that naturally regenerates the skin's surface, changes its texture and can last for years! Repeat the treatment 1-3 times for long-lasting results. An extra advantage is that it can be safely used for all skin types.

apple beforealma after