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Oral hygiene treatment

biofilm therapy

The key to success lies in our smile!

The price of innovative oral hygiene treatment:

  • Biofilm therapy - HUF 39.000 (plaque staining, ITOP personalized brushing advice, ultrasonic cleaning, sandblasting)

Prices for classic oral hygiene treatments:

  • Deluxe powder - 30.000 Ft. (ultrasonic cleaning + sandblasting)
  • Simply perfect - 28.000 Ft. (ultrasonic cleaning + polishing)
  • removes dental plaque that is not visible to the naked eye
  • no pain technology, comfortable plaque removal
  • shine clear effect, restores the shine of your teeth
  • prevents the development of tooth decay
  • prevents gingivitis

Let's make tooth stripping truly painless!

The secret to a smile for life is regular oral hygiene. But it's more than that, periodic dental scaling is a preventive dental procedure that prevents gum inflammation, periodontal disease or other health problems. We recommend that our patients undergo biofilm therapy twice a year to maintain their healthy smile. The Woodpecker biofilm therapy appliance prevents tooth decay, is suitable for cleaning a variety of dental restorations so they don't lose their shiny luster, and can safely treat the area around implants, but is also suitable for use during orthodontic treatment.