Aestella Clinic

Aestella Clinic

From a distant dream to an achievable reality

founder of the Aestella Clinic

Jacques Cousseau 

Why a French Clinic in Budapest?

I've lived in Hungary for 27 years, I've mastered the culture and the language, I've developed several successful businesses. I have always been impressed by the professionalism of Hungarian medicine, especially in dentistry and aesthetics. Europeans have been coming to Budapest for years for dental and cosmetic procedures. This is why I decided to create an innovative clinic combining aesthetics, dentistry and health. I believe it is important to provide maximum comfort to our patients by offering all services in one place. It is important to me to preserve naturalness, so we strive to preserve the unique and special features and appearance of our patients in all our services. In the design of the Clinic, I have placed great emphasis on using the most innovative and high quality equipment, tools and machinery to assist our doctors in their work, giving our patients the opportunity to receive the highest quality treatments. I am confident that everyone will have an experience that will make them want to return to us. 

Dr. Dávid Vámos

Dr. Péter Incze

Dr. Eszter Pál

Dr. István Seffer

Krisztina Alexa

Gréta Gerber

King Gyöngyvér

Ágnes Kiss

Blanka Plájás

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