Experience instead of fear?

With us it is possible!

Dental procedures under anaesthesia!

Say goodbye to your fears!

Treatment under anaesthesia or sedation can be the solution for you. If our patients choose this treatment, there is usually a good reason. Whether it’s a bad memory from childhood, a negative experience from a relative, or a strong gorge reflex, we may have a fear when we want to undergo dental treatment. 

Then this is for you!

Painless procedures under anaesthesia

For the comfort of our patients, you can request our treatments under anaesthesia or even sedation. Let’s overcome your fears together, you can feel completely safe at Aestella Clinic.

What happens if you postpone your dental treatment?

Fear is a major factor, most of us put off seeing the dentist for months or even years, so we can go from an initial symptom to severe pain.

It’s a good idea to see a specialist as soon as possible to prevent more serious procedures. In many cases, an initial condition can be easily reversed and corrected.

Our clinic’s highly qualified specialists will ensure complete reconstruction while you rest easy. A place where you can feel safe.

3 reasons to choose anaesthesia:

say goodbye to fear
maximum safety – constant medical supervision with premium quality equipment
you won’t feel anything from the treatments

Safe anaesthesia with the most advanced professionals and state-of-the-art machines

We provide maximum safety.

What do you need for anaesthesia?

general health status recording
list of medications taken
medical history
full laboratory blood tests
ECG test

The results of each test will be analysed to see if anaesthesia treatment is possible for you. This is necessary to ensure you are as safe as possible and to exclude any risk factors. 

In which cases do we recommend that you request anaesthesia?

for all treatments for our patients who are afraid to undergo dental treatment
for long, complicated procedures
for oral surgery
for more complicated treatments

Procedure of treatment under anesthesia and intoxication

Step 1

During your medical consultation, we carry out a general health status recording and review the list of medications you are taking. You will need to have a full laboratory blood test and an ECG before starting treatment.

Step 2

You will arrive at the Aestella Clinic, you will be comfortably seated in the chair and our anaesthetist will administer the appropriate drugs intravenously so that you are relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Step 3

Under constant anaesthetic supervision, we will carry out the desired treatments so that you will be able to fulfil your dream.

Step 4

The moment of awakening has arrived, which our specialist will accompany you until you are fully awake. Once the active ingredient has been gradually eliminated from the body, you will need a companion after the treatment.