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Digital smile design

Digital smile design

Smile design: the secret to perfect smile design

Price of DSD smile design:

  • consultation - 149 €
  • mockup - 405 €
  • complex personalised smile design
  • mock-up template will be made from the resulting model so you can try on your future smile
  • you can change the shape, colour, size or regularity of your teeth or any other aesthetic anomalies
  • aesthetic and functional rehabilitation

Your desires are just an arm's length away! 
Design your dazzling smile, see the result in advance!

Thanks to digital smile design, you can see and try on the smile of your dreams before you start your treatments. For a complex series of rehabilitation treatments, it is important to have a predictable outcome. The Smile Design consultation is an innovative, personalised opportunity for our patients to design their desired smile together. The vision plan will determine exactly what aesthetic and functional treatment series will be needed to achieve the goal.

Your journey to the smile of your dreams starts at the Aestella Clinic.

Thanks to our revolutionary development, we digitise and photo-document the initial state, and then start the design process, which we carry out together with you as a team. During the design phase, you have the option to change the shape, colour, size or regularity of your teeth, or any other aesthetic irregularities. The smile design will be printed on a Creo 3D printer and the resulting model will be used to create a mock-up template for you to try on your future smile, guaranteed to be love at first sight. Your new smile will harmonise with your facial features and personality, changing the way you look. Once you are satisfied with the result, we will start together on the road to realisation.

You can feel it, see it, fall in love with your new smile and we guarantee to make it a reality!

Smile design is not only aesthetic but also functional. So, it is suitable even before orthodontic, implantation and other prosthetic treatments. We visualize the final result, so as a Patient, you will understand the treatment process in an interactive way. The model will be used as a blueprint for future treatments, so you can feel safe all the time, because you have already met your future smile.