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EXOSOME anti-aging treatment

Cell therapy innovative EXOSOME anti-aging treatment!



  • stimulates collagen and elastin production
  • contains growth factor and stem cell
  • restores damaged tissue and skin cells
  • reduces pigment spots
  • instant lifting effect, smoothes wrinkles
  • Exosome treatment; 65.000 Ft/ session
  • Exosome treatment with 1ml hyaluronic acid; 95.000 HUF / session
  • Exosome 3 season ticket; 180.000 Ft
  • Exosome treatment with 1 ml hyaluronic acid 3 passes; 270.000 Ft

From exosome therapy offers not just a temporary result, but a long-term investment in the health of your skin and cells. Clinical research has shown that after our 20s, the body's production of collagen, elastin and exosomes, which are responsible for the ageing process, decreases by 1% per year. But the innovative patented exosome serum is a breakthrough in rebuilding skin structure by acting as a messenger to regenerate damaged, 'dormant' cells, increasing collagen and elastin production by up to 6*. 

Exosome therapy uses a microneedle treatment that opens micro-channels on the skin's surface to deliver the active ingredient to the deeper layers of the skin. The treatment triggers the body's natural healing process, regulates cellular function, slows down the ageing process, reduces pore size, vitalises and hydrates skin, reduces chronic inflammation and pigmentation, stimulates collagen production, improves skin texture, protects skin cells from oxidative stress, tightens, and provides an immediate lifting effect.

The exosome is a valuable active ingredient;

  • TGFB3 growth factor
  • SCF stem cells
  • peptides, coenzymes
  • vitamins, minerals
  • hyaluronic acid
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