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Plastic surgery

Say goodbye to gummy smile!

Gummy smile boritokep Alexa Krisztina


  • remove the excess gum tissue
  • regain your perfect smile
  • harmonise the proportion of gums and teeth
  • we bring the lips into symmetry
  • treatment takes just 1 hour

Gummy-smile gum surgery price:

  • from 299.000 Ft

What is Gummy Smile?

Each of us has a unique and individual smile, but sometimes our gums may cover more than they should, i.e. they may overlap the crown of the tooth, in which case we can talk about a gummy smile. If the gums and teeth are basically healthy, gum surgery can easily restore the gummy smile and bring the proportion of gums and teeth into harmony.

Main causes of the "Gummy Smile"

  • Biting disorder
  • Asymmetry of the lips
  • Excessive orbital muscle function
  • The teeth wear down, making them appear shorter compared to the gums.
  • The teeth are not fully erupted, so they are partially covered by gum tissue
  • Non-ideal position of bone and teeth
  • Genetic causes

A balanced smile with aesthetic treatments

Our smiles are an anatomical gift that cannot be influenced by conventional means.

Fortunately, Gummy Smile can be corrected with special aesthetic treatments, gum surgery. To find the right treatment for you, we need a Digitalis Smile Design consultationto get a full picture of the desired outcome, aesthetic expectations and options, to understand the causes of the formation and to anticipate the steps needed to achieve the desired smile.

 Plastic surgery

It is the most commonly used surgical procedure to treat gum disease. We remove the gum tissue covering the unnecessary tooth under anaesthetic, leaving the tooth surface visible and allowing you to smile with confidence again.