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Hybrid crowns

Top-quality crowns for a smile that makes you smile!

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With our crowns of esthetics, you can smile in peace


  • functional and aesthetic restoration
  • 100 % natural effect
  • based on a digital smile design
  • minimal preparation required

Hybrid crown prices:

  • E-max crown from 165.000
  • Pressed ceramic crown from 165.000 Ft
  • Zircon crown from 155.000 Ft
  • Metal ceramic crown 110.000 Ft
  • Procera crown 250.000 Ft

With our aesthetic crowns, you can smile with confidence

A crown is an intervention to restore the function and aesthetics of the tooth. When the tooth is severely damaged, or there has been significant loss of tooth material, or a previous filling that needs to be replaced can no longer be treated with direct restoration, the best solution is to create a crown. Due to its outstanding aesthetics and biocompatible material, it is one of the most popular tooth restoration treatments, achieving 100% realistic results! The smile experience of a lifetime is now yours, natural and long-lasting to the touch!

Zircon crown - natural effect

Zirconium crowns are one of the most popular and popular tooth replacement procedures because they are made of an incredibly natural, premium quality biocompatible material that is non-tearable, wear-resistant and extremely durable. It is aesthetic and can be coloured, so the patient's teeth will look like the original. Thanks to CAD/CAM technology, the future zirconium crown will be created with maximum precision, in the hands of our technician with an artistic flair. 

Special, premium Procera crown for the perfect smile

The revolutionary Procera crown is the Swedish company Nobel Biocare's high-tech CAD/CAM-based system for computer-aided design and manufacturing. The ground-breaking Procera technology can be used to create perfectly fitting, stunningly aesthetic restorations. Procera is a state-of-the-art, unique scanner and process that transforms the impression taken by the dentist into a 3D image. After the dental restoration design, the Procera frame is made in the Nobel Biocare factory and our dental technician then covers the special ceramic veneer onto the finished frame that is sent to us. Prostheses made using this process are reliable and accurate to a thousandth of a millimetre, making them stronger and more durable. In addition, it is the highest quality procedure available today and Nobel Biocare offers a unique certificate and a 5-year guarantee. Thanks to the authenticity label, the process can be checked and, if necessary, repeated. 

Perfect finish with E-max pressed ceramic crown

The new generation of IPS E-max crowns is a leader in the field of dental restorations. They have exceptional translucency, are made of biocompatible materials and give a natural look. It is one of the most popular restorative technologies because it allows you to create a realistic crown with minimal invasion. Thanks to digital design, only minimal preparation is required. CAD-CAM crowns are ultra-precise, perfectly lifelike, completely metal-free and stunningly natural.

The new crown is made with DSD design, which is not only for aesthetic but also for functional restoration. The result is a maximum precision crown that fits precisely on the prepared prepared tooth. It is mainly used for single teeth.

hybrid beforehybrid after