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Professional implant placement that gives you the opportunity to replace your lost tooth!

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  • made of biocompatible material
  • does not cause an allergic reaction
  • functions like the original tooth root
  • even immediate implantation after tooth extraction
  • lifelong international guarantee

Implant prices:

  • Nobel biocare implant 290.000 Ft
  • Megagen anyridge implant 230.000 Ft
  • All on four 1.990.000 Ft

Nobel Biocare Implant with unique international guarantee!

The development of the most advanced Nobel Biocare implant types available today was preceded by half a century of research and is now used by millions of satisfied patients. Nobel Biocare is at the forefront of dental implants, as their products are made exclusively from biocompatible materials that do not cause allergic reactions, making the metal safe for use by sensitive patients. Thanks to their special design, Nobel implants function like the original tooth root, so you can feel like you have your lost tooth back. Thanks to the minimally invasive procedure, your healthy teeth remain intact, helping to preserve bone structure and the results can last a lifetime with proper aftercare and oral hygiene.

Anyridge Megagen Implant, for the smile of a lifetime!

The Anyridge Megagen implant is the premium implant system of the 21st century, providing an innovative and successful solution on a world-class level. The unique feature of Megagen implants is the addition of calcium ions to the implant surface, which accelerates ossification and regeneration following implantation. Thanks to its unique Xpeed thread design, it can be used in a very wide range of applications, making it an effective solution for even small amounts of bone. Another special feature is that it can be loaded immediately, so there is a good chance that you will not have to wait months for healing time, but can enjoy your smile and use your new tooth functionally again soon after implantation.

Revolutionary All-On-Four and All-On-Six technology for fixed and stable teeth!

Proven for 25 years, All-On-Four and All-On-Six technology provides a solution for complete tooth loss to create a stable fixed restoration! One of the unique features of this development is that it can be performed without the need for a bone graft, even with minimal bone loss, so there is no healing time, as we provide the patient with a temporary fixed bridge replacement after 4 or 6 implants have been placed, so they never have to miss a minute of their smile. A special feature of the treatment is that the implantation is carried out using a so-called guide template, so that in many cases the implantation can be carried out without incision of the gums and without sutures. It is the fastest and simplest solution and the best value for money!