Innovative biofilm therapy,

or painless tartar removal!

EMS Prophylaxis Master technology makes it possible!

Gentle Biofilm therapy with EMS Prophylaxis Master!

The key to success is in our smile! Studies have proven that our smile determines our first impression. That is why it is of the utmost importance that we place great emphasis on maintaining the health and shine of our teeth.

A healthy set of teeth ensures a well-groomed appearance and well-being. Aestella Clinic pays great attention to gentle biofilm therapy with the EMS Prophylaxis Master, ensuring that the removal of tartar is truly effective and completely painless.

The result is sparkling white, vibrant, healthy teeth. 

Brilliantly healthy teeth at the highest level!

Thanks to the innovative development undertaken by EMS, the EMS Prophylaxis Master appliance offers a systematic solution in oral care and oral hygiene treatments.

The biofilm therapy, GDP, far surpasses the results of conventional and ultrasonic dental scaling.

It removes dental tartar that is invisible to the naked eye, no other technology guarantees that the treatment will be truly painless, shine clear effect that restores the brilliance and whiteness of your teeth. 

Why preventive treatment?

Make your teeth scaling truly painless!

The secret to a smile for life is regular oral hygiene. But there’s more to it than that, periodic dental scaling is a preventive dental procedure that prevents gum inflammation, periodontal disease or other health problems. We recommend that our patients undergo biofilm therapy twice a year to maintain a healthy smile. The EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master prevents tooth decay, is suitable for cleaning various types of dental prostheses so they do not lose their shiny shine and is also safe to treat the area around the implant but is also suitable for use during orthodontic treatment. 

We do not just promise, we remove your tartar without pain!

The high-tech Swiss EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master works wonders

The sandblasting technique makes the treatment completely painless

100% removal of tartar

lasting results

does not damage the tooth enamel

3 in 1 effect 

shorter intervention time

3 in 1 effect with the premium EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master

Painless tartar removal

Teeth whitening


Painless tartar removal

Teeth whitening


3 treatments for the price of 1 and all without pain!

The treatment procedure for tartar removal with EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master

Step 1

Oral hygiene assessment

The first and most important step is a thorough oral examination and status recording. In all cases, the initial status is photo documented and recorded with an intraoral scanner so that the process can be followed throughout.

Step 2

Plaque staining

In the next step, plaque staining is carried out on the teeth to make the deposited biofilm visible to the patient and to help our dental hygienist to work in a targeted way.

Step 3

Motivational counselling

Dental motivation counselling to help our patients to learn the right brushing technique to clean their teeth more effectively. 

Step 4


We use EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master and the finest airflow powder to remove biofilm. 

Step 5


Similar to the previous step, we use high pressure sandblasting to remove the deposits under the gums. 

Step 6

Ultrasonic cleaning

Thanks to its no pain technology, the ultrasonic depurator only kicks in when it encounters tartar. This guarantees a painless treatment. 

Step 7

A brilliant smile

After a painless treatment, all you have to do is enjoy your healthy and shiny teeth.