Invisalign - transparent


With align technology, we create an ideal, regular smile for you without you noticing!

The beginning of a new era!

The American company Align has created the cutting-edge technology of invisible orthodontics, ushering in a new era in orthodontics. A revolutionary new treatment that delivers the same effect as fixed appliances while remaining invisible, discreet and comfortable. More than 7 million patients worldwide have been convinced by this procedure, which you now have the opportunity to experience at the Aestella Clinic. Thanks to its unique development, it is available for almost all age groups.

Safe and predictable results with the latest Invisalign technology

After digital scanning, thanks to the highest technology, we simulate the ideal smile in 3 dimensions using the special 3D ClinCheck Software and plan in advance the tooth movements required during treatment.

This allows our patients to see the whole treatment plan in a 3D animated video. Watch it, fall in love with it, make it happen.

The treatment is designed with maximum attention to your needs and professional guidelines.

Your dreams are just an arm’s reach away. 

Smart Force Aligner technology

Under the guidance of our orthodontist, invisible aligners are made in America. The unique Smart Force Aligner technology ensures the efficiency of tooth movement, so all you have to do is change the aligners in the comfort of your own every two weeks, following the instructions of your dentist. 

This dynamic procedure can cut treatment time in half compared to traditional orthodontics. Less control, imperceptible, maximum fit on the teeth, made of flexible Smart Track material, removable at mealtimes, predictable result, can be used to correct almost any lesion.

Need more than that?

With Invisalign invisible braces you don’t have to give up your smile!

Invisalign invisible braces treatment steps:

Step 1

Personalized consultation

During the first appointment, we will thoroughly discuss with our prospective Patient his/her needs, ideas, possibilities, and desired result. To ensure an accurate treatment plan, the initial condition will be recorded with a 3D intraoral scanner and documented with a few facial and oral photographs.

Step 2

Treatment plan

We will inform and provide our Patient with the procedure and price quotation we propose. We will then go over any questions that may arise and the expected course of treatment together.

Step 3


A teleradiograph is required by referral and must be taken before the planning process can begin. 

Step 4

Planning with 3D ClinCheck Softwave

The completed facial and oral photographs, I-tero scan and teleradiographs are sent to Invisalign’s laboratory where our qualified colleagues, together with our orthodontist, will design your ideal smile and the necessary aligners. You will receive the simulation before the treatment starts. 

Step 5

We prepare the invisible aligners

After your approval, our specialists will prepare all the invisible aligners needed for the treatment based on the 3D simulation you have designed and send them to the Aestella Clinic. 

Step 6

Handing over the invisible aligners to the patient

It’s time to hand over the aligners! Based on the template designed for your teeth, we will attach attachments to your teeth to help you generate more movement force. Thanks to its composite material, it will remain undetectable. We will then provide you with the first 6 aligners and instructions for use. All you have to do is come back for a check-up after 6 weeks. 

Be proud of yourself as you have taken the first few steps towards your dream smile!