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Iveneer direct shell

Iveneer direct shell

Iveneer direct shell is a quick sculptor of a smile!

Iveneer direct shell 70.000 Ft

  • direct shells even without grinding
  • keep your enamel healthy
  • digital smile plan based on instant shells
  • no waiting time
  • regular, snow-white teeth

Spectacular transformation with the flowable injection technique!

Thanks to a revolutionary procedure, we can give your teeth a new look with minimal invasion. Iveneer shell is a cost-effective solution that guarantees a quick and spectacular transformation. Unlike E-max veneers, this treatment does not require preparation in all cases, so you won't need temporary veneers and you can even preserve the health of your enamel. The Iveneer direct shell application is preceded by a digital design process, the resulting smile design is used as a template during the treatment, so the result is as accurate and predictable as possible.

Benefits of Iveneer direct shell

The direct shell treatment used previously was done by the doctor without a template, using composite layering, so the result was not always symmetrical or accurate. Thanks to Iveneer's innovative technology, there is no more error factor, just a perfect result. Before the treatment starts, we create a Smile Design smile plan, where we work with the Patient to develop the desired tooth shape, colour and final result. From the digitised design, we use a 3D printer to create a wax-up model and then a template for you to try on your teeth to anticipate and fall in love with your future smile. If you like the final result, there is nothing left to do but to make it together! The approved template will be adapted to your teeth during the treatment and the flowable injection technique will be used to build up the direct veneers. The treatment is fast, long lasting and guarantees eye-catching results! Transform your smile without pain and without waiting!

When is it appropriate to choose the direct shell;

  • if you want to avoid the preparation process and preserve the health of your tooth enamel
  • if you want a quick result and don't want to wait for the dental technique
  • if you want immediate, visible, lasting and accurate results
  • if a predictable outcome is important
  • when value for money is important in treatment
  • if you're interested in digital smile design and creating the perfect smile
Iveener beforeIveener after