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Microscopic root canal treatment

A new dimension in root canal treatment with microscopic modern high-tech!

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Microscopic treatment prices:

  • Microscopic root canal treatment I.: 115.000 Ft
  • Microscopic root canal treatment II: 145.000 Ft
  • Microscopic root canal treatment III: 215.000 Ft
  • More successful tooth saving
  • Treatment at 25-30 times magnification
  • even provide a lifelong solution
  • micron precision root filling
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When should you see a specialist?

Our teeth have three main components that determine their healthy defences

  • the first layer is the tooth enamel, which covers the tooth from the outside
  • the second layer is the dentin, which surrounds the periodontal chamber
  • the third layer is the inside of the tooth, where tissues, nerves and blood vessels are located

If bacteria, infection or decay has penetrated the tooth enamel and dentin, root canal treatment is necessary to save the tooth.

However, it is important to know that gingivitis can be reversed in its initial stage. If your teeth become sensitive to cold, heat or if you experience throbbing pain, you should contact an endodontic specialist at the Aestella Clinic as soon as possible. This way you can avoid root canal treatment.

The main concern is always to save the original tooth. When the bacteria, infection, inflammation or crack finds its way to the inside of the tooth, periodontal disease occurs. So the first step in treatment is a thorough cleaning of the damaged tooth to remove the painful tissues and blood vessels and disinfect the canal to eliminate the inflammation completely. To ensure the success of the process, a medicated filling is placed in the tooth and a root canal filling is made at a subsequent appointment to prevent bacteria from entering the canal in the future.

In some cases, traditional root canal treatment may be useful, but our experienced specialists can special, world-class microscopic root canal treatment are proposed. Unlike the traditional procedure, this type of treatment is performed at a magnification of 25-30 times so that you can see what is not visible to the naked eye.