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Aesthetic treatments

Our clinic provides a unique solution from complex dental rehabilitation to digital planning and innovative facial aesthetic treatments. Predictable, predictable results for guaranteed success!

E-max makeover

The new generation of IPS E-max shells are leading the way in smile transformation.Thanks to their micron size, they are completely realistic, they straighten uneven teeth and even change the shape, form and colour of our teeth.

  • only a tenth of a millimetre of preparation is required, as the E-max shell is contact lens thin
  • The shell, made with CAD-CAM, is ultra-precise, perfectly symmetrical
  • completely metal-free and stunningly natural
  • IPS E-max shells made of biocompatible material
  • with IPS E-max shells you can change the shape, form and colour of your teeth

The result is maximum precision that will harmonise with your face and give you back the experience of smiling!

Biomimetic restoration

A tooth filling that is layered and constructed from microhybrid composite material using an adhesive technique to give a lifelike appearance. This is the so-called chameleon effect as it will blend in perfectly with its surroundings. Thanks to the adhesive technique of biomimetic filling, we offer a long-lasting, lifelike treatment.

Facial aesthetic treatments

Preservation of natural beauty with revolutionary technology!
We offer unique, personalized, innovative facial aesthetics and facial harmonizing treatments.
With nanotechnology, we go so far that you can feel like the movie stars!