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Spark braces

With align technology, we create an ideal, regular smile for you without you noticing!

Spark braces


  • Predicted end result in 3D video
  • perfect smile in up to 1 year
  • invisible, comfortable, removable at mealtimes , easy to clean
  • millions of satisfied patients worldwide

Spark braces price:

  • Spark 10' package 469 000 Ft
  • Spark 20' package 863 000 Ft
  • Spark unlimited package 1.150.000 Ft

The start of a new era!

The German company Ormco has created the cutting-edge technology of invisible orthodontics, ushering in a new era in orthodontics. A revolutionary new treatment that delivers the same effect as fixed appliances while remaining invisible, discreet and comfortable. Millions of patients worldwide have been convinced by this procedure, which you now have the opportunity to experience at the Aestella Clinic. Thanks to its unique development, it is available to people of almost all ages.

Safe and predictable results with state-of-the-art Align technology

After digital scanning thanks to the advanced technology of the special 3D ClinCheck Software to simulate in 3 dimensions the ideal smile and elődesigned forthe movements required during treatment. So our Patients are already elősee me aták the whole treatmenti plan an 3D animated video. Look at it, fall in love with it, make it happen. The treatment will be designed with maximum attention to your needs and professional guidelines. Your dreams are just an arm's length away.

Smart Force Aligner technology

Under the guidance of our orthodontist in Germany, the necessary treatment invisible rails (alligners). The unique Smart Force Aligner technology ensures efficient tooth movement, so all you have to do is change the splints in the comfort of your own home every two weeks, following the instructions of your dentist. This dynamic procedure can cut treatment time in half compared to traditional orthodontics. Less control, imperceptible, maximum fit on the teeth, flexible Smart Track is made from a material that can be removed at mealtimes, predictable and predictable results, and can be used to treat almost any lesion. Need more than that?

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